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Sikos Hair Transplantation Clinic  Budapest

Sikos Hair Transplant Clinic
First hair transplant clinic in Hungary since 1992
Extensive experience, latest FUE hair transplant methods
PHONE: +36203733087
Whatsapp: +36203733087
e-mail: info@sikos.hu

Free SKYPE consultation is available
based on your high quality photos

 Sikos Clinic: COVID-Protected Facility
We are following strict hygienic protokoll and introduced every neccessary precautions needed to prevent COVID -19 infections. 

e-mail: info@sikos.hu
Phone: +36203733087
Data protection Policy

American Hair Loss Association                                                           
dr. Sikos is recommended by 
the American Hair Loss Association
International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons
dr. Sikos is recommended
Hair Transplant Surgeon 
International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons
BaldTruthTalk “Hair Transplant Forum 
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